Privacy Compliance

Ensuring compliance of operations with national and supranational protection of privacy laws is an increasingly pressing engagement, which can be costly if not supported by an appropriate structure.
In 2004 ZEROPIU anticipated the need to orient and adapt its offering to this new scenario, creating a company department that provides customers with the expertise necessary for the effective management of data subject to privacy regulations.

Today ZEROPIU is providing the customer a center of excellence specialised in management consulting, working along two lines:

  • Support the implementation of relevant regulations and standards, in particular:
    • Dlgs.196/03, Data Protection Code, and all measures taken by the Privacy Authority after 2003. ZEROPIU on these issues has been active since 2004 with national and international prestigious references;
    • Law 231/01 on the firm's administrative responsibilities. This is an experimental intervention to which ZEROPIU is devoting special attention due to the growing importance of these issues arising from the continuous introduction of new kinds of offense.
  • Support Internal Audit, aimed at the verification of effective compliance with regulatory requirements of company operations as required by the legislation itself or by the corporate policies for compliance.

The ZEROPIU privacy compliance advices are characterized by:

  • Specific Expertise, made on selected issues for successful of the activities;
  • Efficiency, using technologically advanced tools to support the consulting intervention in order to reduce the impact on customer business operations and reduce the direct costs;
  • Introduction and integration of technological innovation in the processes of managing sensitive data, facilitating the assimilation of compliance rules in the organization and in the business context of reference.

Security Assessment

In the modern business scenario based on the exchange of data in digital format, putting into security the whole infrastructure is a necessity that protects the business: the attacks and security breaches are increasingly common, with significant implications for the image and the relationship with customers. This requirement may also be a need in case you have to ensure maximum safety to patents and industrial or commercial assets.

For over a decade ZEROPIU has been devoting its activities to IT Security: to achieve results in this area without affecting the operational productivity demands a good blend of technology, organization and human resources.

In this context ZEROPIU therefore offers executive consulting on the issues of data security, leveraging its technological expertise in the following areas:

  • Analysis and evaluation of context "as is" and definition of strategies to ensure data security and protection of electronic;
  • Assessment and placement of the business environment in the Security Maturity Model for IAM and Data Security;
  • Definition of strategies for development and improvement of safety and Security Program Management;
  • Support the introduction of best practices for safety, until the adoption of ISO 27001 for the construction of the system of information security management (ISMS).

ZEROPIU's approach is characterized by the following profiles:

  • Specific expertise of excellence: we operate only on selected themes;
  • Efficiency: we use technologically advanced tools to support consulting intervention in order to reduce the operational impact and reduce costs;
  • Integration: we care for constructively integrating technological innovation in the organization, according to the business context of reference.